Q. How do sex dolls work? I’ve never owned one before.
A. A sex doll is like a very advanced sex toy. You may have seen “pocket pussies” or other masturbators for sale online and in magazines. Your sex doll works much the same way as these do, particularly the famous flashlight-sized masturbation device, which is basically a molded vagina inside a convenient carrying case. You apply lube to the business area of the toy, which simulates the anus, mouth, or vagina of your lover. You then stroke inside it until you climax. Nothing could be simpler… except that unlike ordinary masturbators, your sex doll is the size, shape, and weight of a real-life woman. When you have sex with your love doll, it is the closest thing to having sex with a real woman that is possible with current technology.

Your doll is made of high quality materials, which best simulates the feeling of real skin and flesh. When you have sex with your love doll, it’s important to use plenty of safe lube. You might also choose to wear a condom, not because you need to, but because this makes cleanup easier. If you’re okay with cleanup taking longer, of course, you can do whatever you like completely “raw,” including having your orgasm all over your love doll the way you would with a real partner. She can never get pregnant, she will never give you a disease, she will never complain, and she will always be willing.

You can hold her like a real woman, get close to her like a real woman, make love to her like a real woman, and then sleep beside her in your bed as if she is real. There is nothing about her that is not real except that she cannot move or talk on her own. She also cannot stand or hold poses without help, which means most of the time, she’ll be laying down or perhaps propped up in a chair or on a sofa. As you can see, though, using her is very simple. She cannot say no, and she’ll never refuse you any perverted desire that you have in your heart. This is what makes SexDollWarehouse so special.

Q. How do I care for my doll?
A. Caring for your SexDollWarehouse doll is very simple. Using mild soap and water, you can clean off her skin and also clean out her openings. To dry her, just use a clean towel to pat her dry. Never use harsh cleaning chemicals on your doll, which can damage the doll. Also, remember that any lubricant you use with her has to be safe for the same reason. Cleanup doesn’t get any simpler and there is nothing else you have to do to maintain her on an ongoing basis, although you might want to regularly comb her hair to prevent it from becoming tangled and snarled. Also, we don’t recommend that you use makeup or lipstick on your doll. If you do choose to do so, make sure the makeup won’t stain the doll itself. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the surface caused by cosmetics, as we don’t sell any recommended cosmetics. All sales are final for obvious reasons of personal hygiene. Make sure you take good care of your doll and she will give you many, many hours of happy service.

Q. How do you protect my privacy?
A. We understand that buying a sex doll is a very intimate, personal act, and one that you probably don’t want just anyone to know about. While it’s true that love dolls continue to gain mainstream acceptance, there is still a stigma attached by some judgmental people to those who choose to buy these dolls. Therefore we do everything in our power to maintain your privacy with the strictest commitment to confidentiality. We will never reveal your order to any third party. We will never share your information with anyone else, sell it to any mailing list or spammer, or otherwise compromise the integrity of your order with us. We do not answer questions about our clients for anyone else. No one will ever know that you bought one of our sex dolls unless you tell them yourself. We will bill your credit card very discreetly, too; you don’t have to worry that your billing statement will carry any indication of the fact that you bought a sex doll. Finally, the package that brings your new love doll to your door will be very discreetly labeled so that no one looking at it, not even the package carrier, will have any idea what is inside. We have a great deal of respect for your privacy and we will always do everything in our power to protect it. You can order in total confidence from us.

Q. Will my sex doll really be full size?
A. Yes, your love doll is the size of a real woman, and weighs about as much, too. Keep this in mind because you cannot simply tuck her under your arm and move her from place to place. While her size and weight might seem a little inconvenient when it comes to storage, you will appreciate how closely she simulates the feeling of having a real live girl in your arms when you take her to bed.

Q. Am I getting the doll exactly as shown on the website?
A. Not exactly. The dolls we craft are all built to order. This means that while the model you buy has certain features, dimensions, and artistic touches, it will not match the picture on the website exactly. This is actually an exciting feature of our products, because it means that all of our girls are unique in their own special way. It’s like you can actually take home a live girl to be your very own special love toy. We are very proud of our girls and we strive to sculpt each of them with an eye toward what is sexy. We want our girls to turn you on… and we think they will, very much. When you touch one of our sex dolls for the first time, it should make you want to be with that doll. You should be overcome with passion.

Q. Can a sex doll really make my sex life better?
A. Yes, a sex doll really can improve your sex life when it comes to real women. This is a fact: Women prefer men who are experienced. They want men who are good in bed. But if you have to be experienced before women will sleep with you, how do you sleep with women to get that experience? The answer is our beautiful, durable, solid sex dolls. Not only can you practice your technique with our girls, including the process of getting hard, putting on a condom, and doing the deed, but you can also improve your stamina by having more sex more often. The more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the longer you will be able to last.

A man who is having regular sex with his love doll will naturally last longer when he goes out on a “real” date, so as a lifestyle, having a sex doll makes it easier for you to be a smooth operator the rest of the time. We all know that guy who is super relaxed all the time because his woman at home gives him plenty of sex. You can have that kind of calm, cool demeanor when you buy and regularly use one of our love dolls. Tired of hot women having power over you? Tired of feeling like a fool because lusting after these girls leaves you weak in the knees? When you know you can come home and slake your lust on one of our luscious sex dolls, the fairer sex suddenly loses its hold over you, and you are free to conduct your life as you choose.

Q. Is this safe? What if bacteria builds up in there or something?
A. Your sex doll is completely safe. While we do recommend that you keep it clean in order to extend its useful service life, there is no danger to you. We don’t recommend using it over and over again without condoms if you don’t clean it in between uses, but the beauty of our products is that you are entirely free to replace them by buying a new one when the current one wears out. We have many repeat clients who buy our love dolls, use them until they are well worn in, then replace them with a fresh face. It’s like being able to date a sexy new young woman any time you choose.

Q. How do I store my sex doll?
A. Because your love doll is the size and weight of a person, the best place to keep your new lady friend is right in your bed. We don’t offer a suspension system like you’ll find on pricier sex dolls, but you also won’t need one.

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