Brunette Tosha

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4'7″ / Brunette / Caucasian / A-Cup

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Have you always dreamed of dating a tall, dark-haired girl? Well, Brunette Tosha is has the look you want. She’s got long legs that go on for days and she’s got a great rack, a taut stomach, and a beautifully round rear end to go with them.

You have never been with a stunning beauty as sexy as Brunette Tosha, and now you can take her home and be with her any time you like. She has vaginal, anal, and oral openings, and all of them are open for business with you. There’s nothing like having a Brunette Tosha all to yourself!

20 reviews for Brunette Tosha

  1. Apple

    I like my women sultry… and quiet. Tosha is all those things and more. I’ve seen better but I’ve seen a lot worse. Getting your hands on this babe always feels special. She is unlike any woman I’ve been with. She’s actually better. Four stars. Delivery was faster than I thought it would be. I have never been this happy, or this satisfied. If I could marry this doll, I would. I’m in love with her ass.

  2. Quick

    Some things I would change. The hair needs to be better and the face could look more real. She feels okay when you slide inside but I have to use more lube than I might normally. Still, really good buy and feels great when we do it. My balls are ringing, I’ve done it so many times with Tosha over the last week. I can’t wait to get home from work and do her again!

  3. Brad D

    Really not a bad budget doll at all, especially compared to what you get when you spend this much at other sites. Makes all the other sites look pathetic by comparison. And no, I don’t have a stake in the company. I’m a guy who likes love dolls and that’s about it. I have owned Tosha for a month and I’m still not tired of her. I will probably never go back to “real” women again.

  4. Adan H.

    Great product. If you dress her up, make sure the clothing is compatible with her synthetic skin. Some types of clothes seem to discolor her skin a little bit. But I keep mine mostly naked. The texture of the inside of this doll… just amazing. It feels so good when I slide my dick into her. At first I thought I had wasted my money… until I had sex with Tosha the first time. She got her hooks in me fast, this girl. I’m going to stay with her forever.

  5. Stanton V

    This is an incredible bargain in a high-quality, full-sized, solid synthetic love doll. Buy it while it’s on sale if you can catch it. “Lifelike” just doesn’t get it across. She doesn’t just feel real when you’re inside her. She looks real too. Very heavy, very realistic, very much as pictured. A great value. Just got my Tosha today! Her hair was a little tangled up but I really like her. I am really going to enjoy tonight for the first time in a long time!

  6. Stan P

    I don’t expect a sex doll to be perfect, especially when I buy it on sale. This one was pretty good though. I like to just put her on her back and let it all hang out. We go for hours and she never complains. She’s the perfect woman. Feels really realistic once you’re inside her. Outside not as much.

  7. Rolf

    I’ve always wondered about the doll culture itself, the culture of the men like me who have chosen to embrace synthetic love dolls instead of dealing with real-life women. The reviews here have been very illuminating so I thought I would leave one of my own. I really like Tosha. I don’t know what I would change but I have to allow room for improvement so I will call her a 4 out of 5.

  8. Hilton

    She’s really good. She has everything I want in a sex doll. Could be slightly better quality but awesome anyway. Pros: She’s tight and feels good. She also looks great. Cons: She’s heavy and awkward to move around. If you want a discreet, portable sex toy, this isn’t it. If you don’t mind that she takes up as much space as a person, though, you’re good to go.

  9. Tyrone

    Always wanted me a girl like this. Now I can do her every night. She a dream, she a dream. OMG! What a living doll! Sexy, beautiful, and so alluring. She draws me to her from across the room. As I write this I’ve just had sex with Tosha for the first time. It was not the best sex of my life, but it was absolutely incredible anyway. This was just what is advertised: actual sex. No woman required!

  10. James M.

    This doll turns me on from across the room. When she looks at me sometimes I drop what I’m doing and just go at her. Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wished tonight. I wished for the sexiest girl in the world, all to myself, all my own… and I got her, at a great price too. Merry Christmas to me.

  11. Clinton F.

    Always figured I was giving up something if I went for a doll and not for dating. Now I don’t wonder and I couldn’t be more pleased, with some things to think about. For example, I thought this would look and feel just like a real woman. It’s close but it’s not as close as I had hoped it would be. I am not entirely sold yet. We’ll see in time.

  12. Murray B.

    Can’t say enough good things about this. Some minor scratches in her skin and her hair gets a little messy. No big problems though. Super good. Not the ultimate, but I have never felt sexual experiences quite like this before. Truly interesting. I feel like something inside me is blossoming and developing since I first took her into my bed. A very high quality woman. Very good looking. Very sensual and pleasing to the touch and to the feel of my manhood.

  13. Benny D.

    Sex with the doll is great. I am a happily married man. My wife wanted to keep things fun and exciting though, so she bought me this lovely little number. It’s like we’ve got a sexy swinging college student in my bed. She’s done a lot to make our sex life more interesting. Very good purchase and one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

  14. Clayton Keebler

    Shot my load in her face over and over and now her hair is all messed up. Clean up on aisle three. I have found a great way to transport this in a giant duffel bag that I got from a chain sporting goods store. I have to kind of drag her, but I can leave her at the foot of my bed and nobody thinks anything of it. I can even pack her in my clean clothes if I want to. She has traveled with me, too. I will gladly go everywhere with my little Tosha!

  15. Noel

    This is an incredible sex doll. I had to admit that I was kind of skeptical, given the low prices on the site. When it arrived, was I going to be looking at the Tosha in the pictures, who is just so damned sexy… or would it be something a lot less awesome, something that maybe didn’t even have the features I was ordering? I’ve heard that this happens. You buy one thing but get another, like an inferior blow-up toy. But at these prices I had to risk it. I paid for Tosha and waited impatiently for her to arrive… And I have to say she is everything I ever hoped for. This is a great product at a great price.

  16. Jerrell M

    Sex with this doll feels very good. I own a much more expensive doll that I paid several thousand dollars for. This one is every bit as good and I honestly like how she looks better. Her face is very sexy and I enjoy her body very much. I am at my desk now at work and I’m thinking about how much I want to get my hands on her. Writing this on my phone. I love my little Tosha.

  17. Sally B.

    I am a woman, and yes, I purchased a sex doll from this website. I purchased the Tosha model because it looks closest to what I looked like when I was in college. I suffer from a degenerative disk problem in my back that makes sex very painful for me. I didn’t want my husband to suffer without an outlet but I also didn’t want him to have to turn to someone else. We bought Tosha together and we brought her into our bedroom to act as our own little threesome. Now I can lie back in comfort and enjoy my husband enjoying Tosha without having to hurt myself, and I can do the things I can manage to do without pain. I am not afraid to say that the Tosha doll saved my husband from what could have been a loveless marriage.

  18. Fox

    The only bad part of my doll experience was waiting for it to arrive. Took a long time. Can I pay for faster shipping next time? Now I know what people mean when they say about a woman, “she’s a living doll.” I have my not-so-living doll and she is almost perfect. I only wish she could sit up on her own.

  19. Adolpho

    The website doesn’t prepare you for the reality of having this thing around the house. It’s like having an extra person who needs as much space as an extra person. Still, I guess that makes sense. Had the most mind-blowing orgasm I’ve ever had the first night I took her out of the box. Now I’m hooked.

  20. Ervin K.


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