Brunette Lauren

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4'7″ / Brunette / Asian / A-Cup


Brunette Lauren is a petite little lady who is as sexy and sultry as they come. If you like your girls a little more manageable and you’ve always dreamed of making it with a tight, taut little honey, then Brunette Lauren is your girl. She is one of our more popular little numbers, too.

She’s eagerly waiting for you to play with her mouth, her vagina, and her anal opening, and she never says no when her man is in the mood. Just put her through her paces; she’s begging to be used. Pick up Brunette Lauren today and start enjoying yourself the way you deserve to.

12 reviews for Brunette Lauren

  1. Omar

    It may sound strange but I bought one of these dolls for my twenty-two-year-old son. He has always been awkward around girls. He’s a good kid, but he’s never dated, and I didn’t want him to wonder what it was like to have sex. I figured part of his problem was that he lacked confidence. Lauren is the result of an extensive shopping process I undertook to find the best and sexiest doll at the lowest price. I don’t have a lot of money so I had to be careful. I really feel like I did well for myself, overall.

  2. DamnYankee

    These days, if you get to twenty-two and you have never had sex, you probably wonder if you’ll be able to do it right when the time comes, which affects whether or not you find somebody to date. So I bought him this to take the mystery out of it for him. We didn’t talk about it much and he turned bright red when I asked him if he got the package I had sent to his apartment, but I notice he has been posting pictures to Facebook of him with a real, live girl lately. I think my plan worked. If he is getting in good with the ladies he owes it to Lauren, his first girlfriend.

  3. Kirby

    A fine doll for the discerning gentlemen on a budget. A few finer touches to add, but nothing major. She’s like a decent wine that could be better but is nonetheless very delicious. Leave the bottle, my good man, as I’ll be making love to it. Wait, that didn’t sound right… I like to grab her hair and be rough with her. It is just right.

  4. Nelson

    No better doll out there. I have a confession to make. Lauren is not the first sex doll I have bought. A few years ago I spent a lot of money, like a small fortune, buying a quality synthetic love doll. I have no complaints about that purchase, although it’s been long enough now that she needs to be sent in for joint repairs and other adjustments unless I decide to just be done with her.

  5. Jorge

    I don’t see the point of being super critical about this. You get what you pay for in most cases. I feel like I got way more than I paid for in this case, though, so that’s something to think about when making your choice. When I see what kind of doll I can get for a fraction of what I paid, I am amazed. The sex doll market offers some remarkable options now, and Lauren was the one I decided to buy when I wanted a less expensive upgrade. She is great, and she is just as good as the one I paid a lot more for. You should buy Lauren if you are looking for a high quality and affordable sex doll.

  6. Weldon

    I suffer from a degenerative spinal condition that makes it very hard to have sex in the traditional way, but I didn’t want to be alone. No woman will touch me so I decided to buy a Lauren doll. Can’t say it wasn’t a great choice. Now I’m not alone and I have everything I want. This is the right solution for me.

  7. Parker

    Thought a long time about whether I was giving up and just going the loser route by buying a love doll. After eight months of being celibate while between girlfriends, I couldn’t take it anymore. Now I don’t know why I waited. Mind-blowing sex. I thought longer about leaving a review, but people need to know about this. I regret nothing.

  8. Lino

    I have never had sex before. Now, when I am with a woman, I don’t have to admit that I am a virgin, because sex with my Lauren doll is just like the real thing. This lets me practice for the big day so I won’t seem so awkward or lose it so fast. Really that’s all it takes to boost your confidence. You should consider doing something like this for yourself.

  9. Gilbert

    There are other dolls in the line-up here that I think are sexier. I settled for this one because the ones I wanted more weren’t in stock at the time I ordered and I didn’t want to wait. Now I think I took advantage of a sale too quickly and I wish I had chosen differently. This doll is sexy, but I’ve been eying some on the website that are much more so for me. That gives me a lot to think about.

  10. Bryan

    To me, the thing about my sex doll is that it represents companionship without any strings attached. She is always there for me and she never judges me. She is mine for as long as I want her and she will never leave me. I like a girl who is shaped a certain way. Lauren is absolutely perfect. She is up to my standards. I won’t have to settle for someone less attractive now that I have her.

  11. Mullet

    I bought Lauren because she reminds me of a girlfriend I had in college. That girl was wild. She let me do anything I wanted. She had these great breasts, and these great curves, and was just so smoking hot and sexy and fun. There was no time she ever said no to me. She would give me whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I didn’t know how good I had it until I found later in life that not everybody has a relationship like that. So I bought Lauren because I wanted to kind of recapture that feeling. It worked.

  12. Shinobi

    I like sex. I like it a lot. I like to have it constantly. This is more than most girlfriends can handle. I take out my needs on Lauren. She can take it. Oh, and take it she does. Good price. Fast shipping. No problems. Have bought from this site once before and had same experience. Can’t complain. Very good company. Very good people working there. Had to get customer service on first shipment and thought they did a very good job. Nice people, nice product, nice time had by everyone. Especially me when I got my dolls home.

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