Brunette Katie

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4'6″ / Brunette / Caucasian / B-Cup Made with genuine silicone & TPE material for real-life touch and feel.

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Brunette Katie was sculpted to look like the sexy neighbor girl you’ve always been fantasizing about. She looks like a good girl, the kind of girl you can take home to meet the parents… but deep down, she’s a dirty little party girl. You can use her mouth, you can use her back door, or you can use her vagina. She’s happy to let you have everything you want. She may look innocent, but she’s anything but.

Brunette Katie is just begging for you to put your meat into her. She’s a delight to hold, touch, and enjoy, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Her mouth is just begging for it, as are the usable anus and vaginal inserts designed for your pleasure. You’ve never felt anything quite this good; her textures rival stand-alone sex toys and her quality matches that of a doll many times her price.

At 5’1”, Katie is a petite little package. Her generous C-cup breasts are just the right size for you to hold and fondle. As real as she looks, you’ll have a hard time not confusing her for one of those incredibly cute, incredibly hot little girls you’ve met in real life. You know the ones: They’re tight, they’re petite, and they love to have sex.

Put Katie on your lap and spin her around, or get up into her from behind or on top. She’s happy to do whatever you like, and she’s got the smoking hot curves you’ve always wanted in a little lady like this. Dress her up or undress her slowly… she’s yours to enjoy. When you bring Katie home, the fun never stops, and your nights will never be the same.

39 reviews for Brunette Katie

  1. David G862

    Fast shipping and a high quality product. Katie is very sexy. Looking forward to lots of long nights with her…

  2. Ronin

    I don’t have a lot of time for relationships and this was the perfect option for me. I have to say I was really surprised by how real the doll seems. I catch myself talking to her, that is how realistic she is. Amazing doll.

  3. Tommy T.

    Pound for pound best doll on the website. Can’t keep my hands off her!

  4. Samson Simms

    A sex doll is freedom. I took back my sex life on my terms. No more begging anyone for anything. Now I take what I want. “Buy a sex doll. Buy a sex doll. Buy a sex doll.” — Joe Biden, probably.

  5. JASON

    What I like best about Katie is dressing her up. I have a few different wigs for her now, and a whole collection of clothes for her to wear. She feels like a real woman and her body is great too. Sex with her doesn’t feel exactly like what it felt like with my girlfriend before we broke up, but I was surprised at just how close it was. I am very glad I decided to purchase this doll. It has really made an improvement in my life and in my sex life, and I feel good when I use the doll.

  6. CamtheMann

    holy smokes this doll just changed my sex life in every which way for the better! I am seriously considering buying a 2nd doll but not sure if I should get another blonde katie or a diffeerent model.

  7. assman6969

    I am an ass man, but blonde Katie has it all. OBviously it was weird the first time I banged a piece of fake girl aka sex doll, but after 1 time i can reassure any skeptic that its no joke just like the real thing. Somehoww some scientist or someone invented a fake pussy that feels so insanely real feeling that it blows my mind every time. My only advice is to use lube (just like with real chicks). Trying it straight up dry isnt that good, so use spit, lotion, etc.

  8. B-RAD190

    being my first sex doll i dont have much to compare to but im not sure what else i expected. her pus feels amazing, shes smoking hot, and she satisfies my needs. what more can a guy want from a sex doll? i never thought i would bang her as often as i do (at least once a day) but honestly if you use the right lube or even spit it feels like the real thing.

  9. Tony P.

    Blonde Katie is a 10 out of 10 in my book in every way possible. Nothing more to say than that.

  10. BoboB43 offers the best value I’ve seen in a sex doll yet.

  11. JonJones

    When I’m not driving recklessly, high on cocaine, or “accidentally” poking my fingers into my opponents eyes, I shop at Ha ha, no, I’m just kidding, I’m not the real Jon Jones. But I did buy a Katie doll and I am very happy with it. It’s well made and I enjoy it a lot.

  12. Tom

    Well, after 16 dolls in my life some would call me obsessed bt thers not much to do here in North Dakota so my sex dolls keep my sex life sane and this blonde Katie out of the 16 is my favorite for two reasons: price and looks. The combo of how f*ng hot she is and how cheap the price is makes her the cream of the crop.

  13. Thomas4442VB

    A really good product that could be really great with just a few tweaks. Still, when I’m inside her, I can’t complain, and she was definitely worth what I paid for.

  14. BETAMAX1


  15. The Reviewinator


  16. Jason Qu.

    So sorry in advance for the lengthy review, but I just want to start by saying thanks for an excellent product. I;ll start with some of the opportunities for improving blonde Katie by saying that her hair could be a little softer and actually helped when I washed it and put in a little conditioner after, but that’s just a minor issue. The other thing I noticed is that you must, must, must use some sort of lotion or lubrication while having sex with this doll and not sure if all dolls are like this but I guess it makes sense. The only other thing that you could add to this wicked invention would be a self lubricating vagina, but I guess that’s more like a “nice to have” than necessity hence why Im still giving a 5/5 stars rating.

    The positives, well theres not enough time to explain how amazing this sex doll is. Its weird and sucks that its still kind of a “taboo” thing and I have to hid it anytime anyone ever comes over, but I guess thats the same with anything “sex” related (porn, sex toys, yada yada) right? But I seriouly love blonde Katie an probably have stopped masturbating completely since I got her because she litereally feels like Im having sex with a real woman.

  17. Owen

    Sexy, realistic, and every bit as real to me as the last woman I slept with.

  18. NatedG02

    Without doubt, the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.

  19. peter h

    Sex with this doll feels very good. I own a much more expensive doll (Japanese style) that I paid several thousand dollars for a year ago. This one from SDW is every bit as good and I honestly like how she looks better. Her face is very sexy and I enjoy her body very much. I am at my desk now at work and I’m thinking about how much I want to get my hands on her. Writing this on my phone. I love my little Katie. :0

  20. 353Firebird

    Katie has such perfect skin and such a great, rocking body.

  21. Pariah

    People tell me I hate women, but I don’t. I love women. What I hate is the hassle they give everybody. When I got tired of having my girlfriends run my life, I went out and bought a doll from the Sex Doll Warehouse. Now I am much better off.

  22. Frederick G.

    Packaging could have been a little better. Box was broken open during shipment, but nothing that caused a problem. Blonde Katie arrived safely at my door and is now snug in my bed. Sexy as hell.

  23. QuellQuarter

    I have always dreamed of having my very own little sex slave at home, but those relationships are hard to come by. I spent an awful long time on sites like Kink and Alt Net before I finally decided maybe I could get what I want by going with a doll instead of a living person. Now I can live out my fantasies like never before.

  24. Dan

    This is an incredible sex doll. I had to admitt that I was kind of skeptical given the low prices on the site but when it arrived, was I going to be looking at the Blonde Katie in the pictures, who is just so damned sexy… or would it be something a lot less awesome, something that maybe didn’t even have the features I was ordering? I’ve heard that this happens. You buy one thing but get another, like an inferior blow-up toy. But at these prices I had to risk it. I paid for Blonde Katie and waited impatiently for her to arrive… And I have to say she is everything I ever hoped for. This is a great product at a great price.

  25. joejoetheripper

    Soooo why the hell am i reviewing a sex doll bc i never thought i would be doing this if you asked me a decade ago this is what i would be doing in my spare time, but i think its just the fact that im appreciate when i find something that changes my life for the good and just want to say thanks back and say that blonde katie is the S-H-I-T (in the best way possible of coarse). SHE is the BOMB dot COM. Yes, I am obsessed with this freaking sex doll and hope she lasts for many years to cum lol. Keep up the good work with these products bc who knows mayb ill be back for more!

  26. Pamela

    I bought the Katie doll as a gift for my boyfriend. My job takes me out of the state for part of the month every month and I didn’t want him to be tempted to cheat on me. Katie and I wear the same size clothes so I dress her up in some of my lingerie and he even sends me hot pictures of him with Katie when I’m away. We both get a lot of kinky pleasures out of it. And it keeps him home at night instead of out prowling around looking for some strange.

  27. Larry the Reaper

    Yes! Yes! Yes! hahaha now Im thinking thats the only way to make this doll possibly ne better. Put in a voice box so she can moan and yell my name (or just moan) while in sync to me banging her. But anyway…this is a top tier doll in every which way at top aka most affordable pricing iv ever seen and yes i have spent days looking at other sites for cheaper dolls and nothing comes even remotely close to this!

  28. west_side_is_the_best_side420

    10/10 no doubt no doubt

  29. Ben

    I have conducted extensive testing and I cannot decide which hole on this doll feels best. Don’t rush me, I’m working on it! I can tell you I give her the highest rating overall.

  30. Drathco

    I like this doll. I like this doll a lot. I’m not sure I could quit it now if I tried. Katie, I wish I knew how to quit you.

  31. Chris

    Couldn’t be happier! Five stars.

  32. Blaster24525d

    Can’t ask for a better doll than this, especially at the price. Very lifelike and very sexy, with all the curves you could ever want and all the usable holes, too. My new favorite toy.

  33. Andy

    The Katie doll is almost perfect. There are a few little fit and finish things that I think could be improved, which is preventing me from rating her a 5 star, but overall, she’s an incredibly high quality doll for you are paying. I would consider buying other dolls from this same manufacturer’s line without hesitation.

  34. Petey K.

    When my girlfriend broke up with me I looked back on the string of bad relationships in my past and decided I had had enough. I ended up buying a Katie doll because I was lonely. Now I never have to deal with a real woman again and I could not be happier. Thanks,

  35. Sally B

    I am a woman, and yes, I purchased a sex doll from this website. I purchased the Katie model because it looks closest to what I looked like when I was in college. I suffer from a back problem that makes sex very painful for me and I didnt want my husband to suffer without an outlet but I also didn’t want him to have to turn to someone else. We bought Katie together and we brought her into our bedroom to act as our own little threesome. Now I can lie back in comfort and enjoy my husband enjoying Katie without having to hurt myself, and I can do the things I can manage to do without pain. I am not afraid to say that the Katie doll saved my husband from what could have been a loveless marriage.

  36. SmokeytheBANDIT45

    Smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke show! Hands tto the sky because this blonde b-i-t-c-h is as hot and real as they CUMMM. For real though I have to say hands down top quality most delicious ass great feeling pussy and nice firm perky life like tits I could possibly evr imagine from a sex doll. Its weird to think that a fake thing like this could be so perfect, but i guess that s the world we live in now LOLOL

  37. Alan

    I am really very happy with this doll. Very nice in and out.

  38. LennyLIS321

    Katie is my new special friend. We are inseparable now. The moment I got her home I knew I was never going to let her go. This is the best doll ever and a very good use of my money. I really got my money’s worth.

  39. Brandon001

    Kaite gets an A+ in every category. Nuff said.

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