Blonde Amanda

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4'7″ / Blonde / Caucasian / D-Cup


Blonde Amanda is not only one of our top-selling models, but she’s also what you would call our deluxe babe. All of our sex dolls are of high quality, but Blonde Amanda is a cut above the rest. Everything about our other dolls that is great is extra great when it comes to Blonde Amanda.

Every curve of her has been inspected for absolutely the best quality. She will turn you on just by being in the room with you. She has a mouth, a vagina, and an anus waiting to be explored. Don’t wait any longer. Add her to your harem of love dolls and start enjoying her tonight.

12 reviews for Blonde Amanda

  1. Emmet

    Does anyone know what the useful life of one these dolls is? I have sex with mine every night and it’s starting to show wear. I think I would have no problem replacing it, especially at the sale prices offers, but unless I can get the same model I’m going to miss my girl. I really have become attached.

  2. Bruce B

    Whoever designed this was a genius. Whoever figured out how to make it so cheaply was even more of a genius. I salute you, guy who designed this doll. I like curves. I like a LOT of curves. I like a big set of boobs. I like a big round butt. I want a bombshell, in other words, and Amanda is advertised as the site’s blonde bombshell model. I bought her after quickly looking at and dismissing the other dolls on the site. Amanda is the one I wanted. Even her name was perfect. She’s exactly the kind blonde babe I have always wanted to get close to. Now that I own her I can enjoy her as much as I want. She is my blonde bombshell, mine all mine.

  3. Patrick

    This is just okay. It’s not great. I cannot complain about the price but I feel like the sex could be slightly better. I’m not sure how though. I am not going to sugar coat it, though. Amanda is my girlfriend. I live by myself and I can’t find anybody. I’ve tried. But now when I talk about my girlfriend Amanda, my friends accept it. It makes me feel more included.

  4. Teddy

    The only sex doll I’ve owned before now was a blow-up doll. I used it a couple of times but wasn’t really impressed by it. Amanda, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. Very good, although I wish it was cheaper. I like to put Amanda on the floor and plunge myself into and out of her mouth. I have always liked “making tea” and now I can do it as much as I want. Bravo.

  5. Hadrian

    So many of the reviews on this site say basically that these are great dolls. Well, they are great dolls. They’re great because they compare really favorably to the more expensive options out there. It’s really all about cost, isn’t it? When you come right down to it you could be pleasuring yourself into your hand, but you buy a doll like this because you want to feel like you’re with someone, like you’re not alone. She is great and the best part is, she was a lot cheaper than the other dolls out there that are supposed to be better. She’s just as good as any of those. The best part is you can buy one of these and still have money left over, instead of being in debt for years just paying off the thing.

  6. Delmar D

    I was drawn to Amanda because of her shape. She looks just like those girls you see on television and on reality shows these days. She was everything I wanted in a girl, and while I’m not some kind of weirdo, I do like them nice and young, from say nineteen to twenty one. Amanda really looked like that kind of girl to me, so I was eager to get her home. When I opened the box I was absolutely thrilled. There she was, looking just like I pictured her. She felt just like the real thing and she’s really nicely built. Sexdollwarehouse has made a loyal customer out of me.

  7. Lightsaber

    A girlfriend of mine nicknamed my dick the lightsaber because it was so hot and powerful. She couldn’t handle me, not for the long term. Now I have a girl who can take everything I can give and never complains. My titanic libido has always gotten me into trouble. Most women simply cannot keep up with me. With Amanda, though, I get the accepting, mind-blowing sex I have always wanted, whenever and however I like. This is a dream come true.

  8. The Woodsman

    I searched for a while before committing my funds to buying a love doll. I had my choices narrowed down to three different websites. Their websites were similar, and the dolls LOOKED similar, but there is always the possibility that what is advertised isn’t what you get. When I finally took the plunge I went with because I just liked how the site was presented. Their prices were lowest too, but that wouldn’t mean a lot of I didn’t get my doll, or it was cheap junk. Instead it was exactly as it was described. A great company that makes and sells a great product.

  9. Mikey

    I docked this review a star because it seemed like the shipping took forever. I had a hard time waiting for my girl to get here, but once she did, I couldn’t take my hands off her. Want a tip? Find something to store this girl in, even if you have to fold her up and put her in a trunk when you are not using her. You absolutely don’t want someone to see that you have what looks like a dead or sleeping girl lying around your apartment.

  10. Donatello

    I wish this doll had better neck support. Her head tends to kind of lol around there. But that’s not a big problem because she spends all her time on her back. This is an excellent, high-quality doll in other respects, though, that shipped to me quickly and was packed nicely. The packaging was discreet, which was important to me. The doll performs as it is supposed to and I find it very pleasurable. I will probably buy another one of these if I manage to wear this one out.

  11. Raphael

    My wife and I have been together for almost 20 years and frankly, the sex was getting boring. I wanted to spice things up so I asked her if maybe we couldn’t introduce a little no-strings-attached threesome action into our marriage. She looked like she wanted to murder me until I flipped the laptop around and showed her what I had in mind. We’ve always had a lot of sex toys around the house so I think when she thought about it in those terms, she was intrigued. I mean, we’ve gotten wild before. We have a sex swing and other stuff like that. But adding another person was just the injection of fun and excitement we needed. The best part is, nobody can say it’s cheating, and neither of us have to worry about our egos. We bought the Amanda model because my wife thought she looked sexiest of all the others, and I would have to agree.

  12. Steve S.

    There aren’t enough good things to say about this doll. It is every bit the sexy, beautiful companion I have always wanted. In fact I shouldn’t call it an it at all. She’s a she, and she’s spectacular. Absolutely no better doll for the money as far as I’m concerned, and this model is drop dead sexy, too. Five stars all the way.

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