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4’6″ / Brunette / Japanese / C-Cup

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A beautiful Japanese goddess, Hana comes ready to please. Hana is a very special doll. One look at her and you’ll understand why. She’s a petite 5’1” tall, with nice, full C-cup breasts… but that’s only where her charms begin. She has a kewpie-doll haircut that perfectly suits her Asian features, incredibly pert, round breasts, and an hourglass figure that is nothing short of amazing.

Her hips beg to be grabbed and you’ll love it when you stroke into her lubed-up vaginal opening from behind. All you need is some silicone-safe lubricant to take either her pussy or her anus as many times a night as you like. Both are textured for your pleasure, as is her mouth opening, which is just different enough that you’ll know the difference. Curl your fingers into her adorable dark locks and thrust away as you fuck her face, or spread her legs wide and take her from any position that gives you pleasure.

Have you ever dreamed of bedding a sexy Asian girl? Does the sexy blend of demure, sultry, innocent, and incredibly naughty appeal to you? Slide inside this little Asian hottie and all your fantasies will come true. She wants you to pound her, she wants you to stretch her tight holes, and she wants to be your little sex toy. Give her what she’s asking for… and fill your nights with sex like you’ve never had it before. Our gorgeous little Hana is every man’s dream, especially if what he’s always wanted is a little Asian goddess to call his own.

30 reviews for Brunette Hana

  1. Russell F.

    Making the decision to finally buy one of these sex dolls was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Such a good buy, and such great quality.

  2. Luke P

    the low down: I bought a Hana doll and I like it. The full version of my story: I have had a love-hate relationship with sex dolls for a long time. I have always enjoyed my sex life alone, because I don’t believe I need the influence of a “real” woman in my life. But as most of us know there is no real substitute for the female body. My earliest sex dolls were inflatable and they were not very good. They were frequently uncomfortable to use, in fact, because they were manufactured so cheaply. For years I saved up for an expensive doll, and then I noticed the prices were coming down, so I decided perhaps I didn’t need to go broke buying something for myself. I shopped around for a long time and still wasn’t happy with what I was finding until I found sexdollwarehouse. Now I have the sex doll of my dreams, very realistic, and my biggest problem is simply figuring out where to put her when I’m not using her.

  3. Patsjon14

    I find this doll very stimulating. It gets me really hard. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard with a real-life woman. This is a very special product. I wish it looked a little more like the real thing but it’s close enough.

  4. Billy

    I come from the south so I expect a little more than just an asian doll when I order a sex doll. I wanted a really really asian looking sex doll but thois brunete Hana looks like a mix half white half asian which is not what i wantd. Yea she looks like the pics but shes definitly less asian looking in person I guess. Hopefully i can get up on a really looking Japanese doll next time if u can recommend one that wuld be great.

  5. Graham F.

    I bought this doll because it reminds me of my ex. She died of natural causes and I still miss her. The doll doesn’t look exactly like her, but when I’m with her, I feel like my ex is still with me. It brings me a lot of comfort. Thank you.

  6. Geoffrey W.

    I went through a bad breakup after a four-year relationship. I wasn’t sure how to go on after that, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to take on the burdens of another person’s life and emotions. My beautiful Hana helped me through a difficult time.

  7. TaylorWhip23

    This doll is pretty well made and seems to be quite sturdy. It also has all the usable holes advertised and does a pretty good job of making them pleasurable.

  8. MagicBox198

    This just feels so real. Amazing work, honestly. Very well done.

  9. sir Alex

    I have always had a fetish for Asian women. This Hana doll lets me live that fetish. It is very pleasing to me and I love being able to have her whenever I want. The workmanship is good. I feel like I got a good deal for what I paid too. Giving 3 stars instead of 5 because I was hoping she would be a little taller even though I know it says 5’1″ i guess i didnt realize how short that really is so its not my fault, but hopefully they make a taller Asian doll bc Ill buy it fo sho

  10. Crowley Davis

    Great buy, great service.

  11. Jake LK24

    I didn’t have to go broke to get the dream date I’ve always wanted. Thank you for the great service and fast shipping.

  12. Baxter R.

    I debated spending the money and I’m still not sure this was worth what I spent because I can get off with my hand easily enough. Still, it does add a dimension to the experience. I guess I shouldn’t complain, but I’m still debating with myself.

  13. Jonas F.

    Doll doesn’t feel as real as I thought it would, but it still seems really good. It was lots cheaper than the other choices.

  14. bigWILLYwonkaSTYLE

    I have bought two of these. First I bought one and then a few weeks later I bought the other one. My fantasy has always been to be with twins. There are small variations in the dolls but they look enough alike to be twins in real life. Now I have my sexy twins and I can live out my fantasy. The best part is they never complain, they never talk, and they never say no to me. This is the lifestyle for me. People who know me don’t understand why I am so happy but I am very happy with my purchases.

  15. Garret E.

    I don’t want to like this doll. It feels great and it looks great, and it’s well made… but I can’t help but think that if I give myself over to this doll, if I let myself love it, I’ll never be fit for a real woman again. That scares me. I feel like I’m giving up and I don’t want to.

  16. Beau ROs2

    I was so sick and tired of being rejected through online dating sites that I finally just decided to chuck it all, save up the money I’d been spending on dating (and failing to make a connection) and buy my very own sex doll. I wish I’d done it sooner. Now I have a beautiful girl at home who is always there for me. I am the luckiest man in the world.

  17. Caleb Smith

    Honestly, I feel like I got my money’s worth from this purchase, but this doll costs a lot less than other dolls in the silicone category, and I don’t know if maybe one of those would seem a little more real to me. I will have to see. I’m not sure if it’s what I was expecting, although I really enjoy having sex with it.

  18. Irwin_1098

    I read a couple of reviews about the users who didn’t use lube, and I have to agree. I was a neophyte when I first started buying sex dolls. I’ve found that with a generous amount of silicone-safe lube these are absolute heaven. Go in dry, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

  19. Edison T14

    The only problem I have with my sex doll is that I’m worried if I pound it as hard as I would like to, it would rip or break. I really like doing this thing and I want to pound it so hard it makes me ache. She turns me on so much.

  20. Vito Y.

    You have to think when you see a doll that costs so little that maybe it’s just too good to be true. I was worried until my doll showed up at my door. Now I know it’s absolutely as good a deal as I was hoping it was. Four stars.

  21. Rodney K.

    This doll is better than I expected. The face is realistic and very pleasant. It draws you in and makes you want to enjoy it. The body is small for people, I guess, but realistically heavy, and I’ve known women who were smaller in real life. She’s got one hell of a butt and I like her chest, too. Overall a very good sex toy.

  22. Jerry Jones1

    Don’t forget to lube up! I was in a hurry and I kind of skipped that part. It was a big mistake. This isn’t like a real woman. You’ve got to lube her first. Don’t get road rash on your junk, trust me.

  23. Kris D.

    I keep wishing I bought a different model. These aren’t cheap and once you commit it’s like you’re stuck with her until you can save up for another. Good problem to have while she’s in your bed though I guess.

  24. Brett S1415

    I love this doll but I’m a little unclear on what to use to keep the skin clean and feeling smooth. I am worried that the wig won’t hold up over the long term, either, as it’s acrylic hair that gets tangled easily. Those small things aside though I am very happy with this.

  25. Colin P.

    This is a great product. I’ve found that it takes some getting used to. You can’t just go at it as if you’re taking a real woman; you have to kind of approach it as its own thing. You know, like soy milk isn’t milk, but it’s good for its own sake. Once you get used to her you’ll never want to leave her alone.

  26. Clarence_245

    This doll is a thing of beauty. Absolutely gorgeous curves. I don’t know as I’d call it perfect but it’s close. A very good effort at a very good price.

  27. Israel S.

    I kind of wish this doll had smaller breasts and a smaller waist, but it’s pretty good and sexy to look at. I like to let her sit in my lap and then play around with her.

  28. jack r

    I finally have my sexy little anime princess. Hana feels every bit as good whether you take her mouth or her vagina or her anus. She is very nicely textured inside and her skin feels good to the touch. She is also big enough and heavy enough that she feels like a real person. I have given her a real workout in my bed and we shook the headboard enough to put a crack in the plaster of the wall. I think the best sex I have ever had in my life is this Hana doll.

  29. BigErik1981

    I really have a thing for brunettes, so Hana is perfect for me. She is the sexy lady I’ve always been waiting for.

  30. Malachi

    No complaints from me. I love my Hana doll.

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