Brunette Jameson

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4'6″ / Brunette / Caucasian / C-Cup

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Brunette Jameson is a sexy goddess who absolutely has to rank as one of our most popular models. She is a good mix of curves and ample rack, but she’s also got the long legs and hot rear end that make a girl irresistible. Jameson has vaginal, anal, and oral openings ready for you to enjoy. If you’re ready for pleasure on your timetable and on your terms, then you’re ready for Brunette Jameson, so place your order for this hot little number today.

Jameson has a perfect C-cup rack and stands at 5’2”. She has the body of a fitness girl who likes to stay taut and toned. Slick up her textured vaginal opening and you can have sex with her as many times as you like. Pose her perfect round ass and you can also have her from behind, pounding her textured anal opening with as much enthusiasm as you can bring to the party. Her mouth is always ready and waiting for you, too, and with a little lube, you can enjoy the feel of her lips and her textured anal opening on your dick.

Jameson’s body is absolutely perfect. You’ll want to get as close to her as you can and spend as much time inside her as possible. Put your hands on her, explore her, and rail her with everything you’ve got. She’s designed for it.

40 reviews for Brunette Jameson

  1. KRUNK5000

    I have a lot of disposable income, so I bought one of these as a kind of “gag gift” for one of my best friends. He absolutely loves it. Now I’m thinking of getting one for myself.

  2. George R

    Can’t say I didn’t give this a whole lot of thought before I bought. I comparison shopped across multiple websites. The problem is that so many people tell you that you just can’t trust the lesser known sites, or the sites with lower prices. I think they’re trying to drive up the price so you’ve got to pay thousands of dollars to get a quality sex doll… or at least they make you think that. I decided, what the hell, I was just going to gamble the money. So I did. I gambled the price of a Jameson and when the box arrived, I was very curious to see if I’d been taken. Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be every bit as good as advertised… if not even better. Really a magnificent value for what you get.

  3. DOLLOVER6969

    Delivery was faster than I thought it would be. I have never been this happy, or this satisfied.

  4. zeke f

    I have found a great way to transport this in a giant duffel bag that I got from a chain sporting goods store. I have to kind of drag her, but I can leave her at the foot of my bed and nobody thinks anything of it. I can even pack her in my clean clothes if I want to. She has traveled with me, too. I will gladly go everywhere with my little Jameson!

  5. Sean4

    Nicely made and feels great. Excellent for the price if you get it on discount.

  6. Roland315

    Jameson has lived with me for the weekend, now, and I can highly recommend her. It’s not a lot of money to pay to get something this incredible. She is there for me whenever I want her.

  7. Pauly B.

    I swear when I look at the photograph of Jameson she’s a real person. I think that’s the biggest reason buying a sex doll changed my life. Jameson is pretty, sexy, and fun to be with. She lets me have her whenever I want her and she never complains. I am always really good with her. But the fact is she has taken the loneliness out of my life. I lived by myself until Jameson came along. Now I have her with me and it’s wonderful.

  8. AltonW

    I have owned Jameson for a month and I’m still not tired of her. I will probably never go back to “real” women again.

  9. Tyler31

    Great product. If you dress her up, make sure the clothing is compatible with her silicone skin. Some types of clothes seem to discolor her skin a little bit. But I keep mine mostly naked.

  10. VincenzoGG3

    I am kind of a hypochondriac. I worry all the time about sexually transmitted diseases, which is a real problem when trying to have relationships. But I want to have sex, and I need it. My sweet Jameson is perfect for me because she can’t catch anything or give me anything, but I can have great sex with her. Buy her and trust her to take good care of you.

  11. Elijah

    Getting your hands on this babe always feels special. She is unlike any woman I’ve been with. She’s actually better. Four stars.

  12. DorianMichael91

    This is absolutely a solid silicone love doll. It’s everything it’s advertised to be.

  13. Caden Go13

    The texture of the inside of this doll… just amazing. It feels so good when I slide my dick into her.

  14. Jestera0989

    Man, you need to get your dick wet in this thing. Just slick up with some silicone lube and go to town on her. She’s always asking for it.

  15. Brainmain1971

    “Lifelike” just doesn’t get it across. She doesn’t just feel real when you’re inside her. She looks real too.

  16. Mel JJ.

    As many of the reviews state, this is a good value for the money, and also incredibly good sex in the palm of your hand. Keeping her in my bed makes me want to be in there with her all the time.

  17. Damian J.

    OMG! What a living doll! Sexy, beautiful, and so alluring. She draws me to her from across the room.

  18. Antonio

    Typical blonde. I from mexico and I think she look like a mexican blonde from the photos but she just look like normal american blonde.

  19. Bopping Star25

    If I could marry this doll, I would. I’m in love with her ass.

  20. daveyBOY14152

    At the sale price, you need to buy this right now. I don’t know if I would pay full price because the sale price is that much better.

  21. Jonh A.


  22. skyHI379

    You won’t regret buying this. It has an amazing feel and texture to its openings, and the fact that it feels like being with a real woman is just something that makes it that much better.

  23. J.August

    Works just like the real thing. Perfect for any man who wants to simulate sex without dealing with a woman.

  24. Jaden Jones

    At first I thought I had wasted my money… until I had sex with Jameson the first time. She got her hooks in me fast, this girl. I’m going to stay with her forever.

  25. NickNose13

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I unpacked Jameson for the first time. She was much more substantial than I thought she would be. Very good in bed. I could make love to her all night long… and I have.

  26. Carson419

    Very heavy, very realistic, very much as pictured. A great value.

  27. Raymond Jr.12

    This is a nice buy.

  28. Mohamed091


  29. Elias GRS245

    I feel so naughty when I do it with Jameson that it makes me harder than usual. Her forbidden love is keeping me stimulated and excited.

  30. LuckyLou1

    I don’t think of using this doll as a change to my lifestyle or anything, but my wife has had three kids and she isn’t into sex as much as she used to be. Jameson helps take some of the load off.

  31. Isaac_not_NEWTON

    This product is good. I think it is probably better for smaller people because then it seems more like a match. A very big man might think it was strange. I am a smaller man so she is just right for me.

  32. EDDIE k

    Bust a move on this B*TCH and Im dumb dumb fulla CUM all day and night when I get up on her shes the best f’ing blonde (sex doll LOL) ive banged even though ive only banged 3 in my life but shes got saweeeet tits and a coochie that i swear feels JUST like DA real thing

  33. Ace of Base_T09

    My balls are ringing, I’ve done it so many times with Jameson over the last week. I can’t wait to get home from work and do her again!

  34. Eliot B.

    Just got my Jameson today! Her hair was a little tangled up but I really like her. I am really going to enjoy tonight for the first time in a long time!

  35. PLSWilfred

    I was worried about whether Jameson would be able to hold up under my weight. I am a very big man and, honestly, this is one of the reasons I bought a doll rather than trying to find someone. I was pleased to see that Jameson could take my weight and keep coming and coming for more.

  36. victory_29819

    This doll reminds me of a hot little thing that I went to college with. Every time I have sex with it I think of that sweet little number and it takes me back to my college days. Suddenly I’m twenty years old again.

  37. Errol

    So sexy and awesome. A little ball of fire.

  38. George H.

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. In fact, saying beautiful three times doesn’t do it. Jameson is a stunner. She’s every bit as gorgeous as the girls in professional model magazines. She’s absolutely wonderful. Never have I had a better woman than Jameson. She has changed my life. She is well made and incredible to the touch. It’s like a real woman who is just waiting to draw breath.

  39. TripleYO18

    Fantastic, flawless, gorgeous, yes yes yes. If only I could find a better hiding spot from my roommate so he doesn’t find out I got this HAHA. To be critical though I have to say improve the tits so theyre a little bigger and you have yourself a perfect product here.

  40. CarmineD35

    Sex dolls are so much better than women. They don’t ever criticize you. They don’t ever say no. She’ll never be on the rag and she can’t get pregnant. She doesn’t care if you bring another girl home with you, either, and you’ll never have to deal with her family. Why would you want anything else?

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