Brunette Nika

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4'7″ / Brunette / Asian / B-Cup

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Brunette Nika is a great mix of features for the man who isn’t quite sure what he wants, but knows he likes a girl sexy. Her measurements may say “wow,” but she is absolutely stunning from any angle. She’s smoking hot, she’s ready for you, and she has vaginal, anal, and oral openings that are begging to be explored.

If you have looked at the other dolls but you’re not sure what you want, Brunette Nika is definitely the one for you. She might look innocent, but we assure you she is not. She loves it just as much as you do… and she’s aching to show you.

20 reviews for Brunette Nika

  1. Crowley

    I like trashy but demure girls. The nastier and dirtier they are, the happier I am. The problem with dirty, nasty girls is that you always have to worry that you’re going to catch something from them. I had a choice ahead of me: I could give up on what I really wanted, or I could risk my health pursuing the fantasies that really run my motor. That’s when I found Nika and She’s just right, but she’s only for me, and I never have to worry that she’ll cheat on me. I can be as dirty with Nika as I want to be. Buy this doll. You won’t be sorry.

  2. Jonas

    I bought this as a cheap alternative. I figured I would buy this now, cheaply, so I could have a doll at home to enjoy, and when I had saved up enough, I would upgrade to a more expensive synthetic sex doll. What I found out was that I didn’t have to blow thousands of my hard earned dollars upgrading. The Nika doll I bought was so great just at the price here that I never felt any need to buy anything else. Nika changed my life because she saved me a ton of money and also is awesome to make love to. I am never lonely now.

  3. Kris

    I keep wishing I bought a different model. These aren’t cheap and once you commit it’s like you’re stuck with her until you can save up for another. Good problem to have while she’s in your bed though I guess. Sweet little honey who looks as good as she feels. I guess I’m kind of all over the map but there it is.

  4. Adan

    Sex with Nika is the best sex of my life. There, I have said it. I am not exactly a blushing virgin. I’ve had women before. Some of them were good and some of them weren’t. Some of them thought I was good in bed, and some of them didn’t. But the first time I got down with Nika I realized I would never need to go looking to date a “real” woman ever again.

  5. Caleb

    Honestly, I feel like I got my money’s worth from this purchase, but this doll costs a lot less than other dolls in the synthetic category, and I don’t know if maybe one of those would seem a little more real to me. I will have to see. I’m not sure if it’s what I was expecting, although I really enjoy having sex with it.

  6. Jerry

    Don’t forget to lube up! I was in a hurry and I kind of skipped that part. It was a big mistake. This isn’t like a real woman. You’ve got to lube her first. Don’t get road rash on your junk, trust me. I read a couple of reviews about the users who didn’t use lube, and I have to agree. I was a neophyte when I first started buying sex dolls. I’ve found that with a generous amount of synthetic-safe lube these are absolute heaven. Go in dry, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

  7. Erik

    I really have a thing for brunettes, so Nika is perfect for me. She is the sexy lady I’ve always been waiting for. I used Nika to practice having sex. Pretty soon I got to the point where I got my confidence back. I knew that if I was with someone who turned me on, I would be able to get it up. Now I have a “real” girlfriend who is grateful to Nika for saving my sex life. She has sat in the closet since my girlfriend and I started coming over, but I know she is waiting for me if things don’t work out.

  8. Irwin

    Nika turns me on like crazy. She just has that look, like she’s so sweet and innocent, but you know that deep down she is dirty as hell. At least, that’s how I imagine her, and she has never disappointed me. I have all the fun I want with her and she never lets me down. You should get a Nika of your own.

  9. Steve

    I like high quality, but I am living on a fixed income. I wanted the best sex doll I could get. The Nika model is the top of the line according to the website and I wanted the best I could get for what I could afford. That is why I bought Nika. I was not disappointed. She looks and feels like a real woman. Her seams and joints and everything are all good. She feels and looks real to me. I have been very happy with being able to use any part of her that I want too, in any order I want. Nika is a dream come true.

  10. Baxter

    I debated spending the money and I’m still not sure this was worth what I spent because I can get off with my hand easily enough. Still, it does add a dimension to the experience. I guess I shouldn’t complain, but I’m still debating with myself. Making the decision to finally buy one of these sex dolls was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Such a good buy, and such great quality.

  11. Rusell

    This is not my first love doll. I had a matched set of others too. I keep buying more dolls because I just cannot get enough of them. Once you get started down this doll lifestyle you just don’t want to go back. I would never date a live woman now. Too much trouble. I am very happy with this latest purchase.

  12. Geoffrey

    I went through a bad breakup after a four-year relationship. I wasn’t sure how to go on after that, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to take on the burdens of another person’s life and emotions. My beautiful Nika helped me through a difficult time. You have to think when you see a doll that costs so little that maybe it’s just too good to be true. I was worried until my doll showed up at my door. Now I know it’s absolutely as good a deal as I was hoping it was.

  13. Vito

    Oh Nika, where have you been all my life? Why did I go so long without you in it? I cannot imagine going through life without sexy little Nika now. I am very devoted to her, and she is devoted to me. This is loyalty. This is what every man wants, a sexy little thing like this to come home to.

  14. Beau

    I was so sick and tired of being rejected through online dating sites that I finally just decided to chuck it all, save up the money I’d been spending on dating (and failing to make a connection) and buy my very own sex doll. I wish I’d done it sooner. Now I have a beautiful girl at home who is always there for me. I am the luckiest man in the world.

  15. Taylor

    This doll is pretty well made and seems to be quite sturdy. It also has all the usable holes advertised and does a pretty good job of making them pleasurable. I’m really glad I got this. It feels good. It looks good. It takes a pounding and holds together. I’ve had it a month now and it looks as good now as it did then. Only complaint I have is that it is hard to keep the acrylic hair from getting snarled up. You’ve got to brush it just like a real woman and you’ll still get some fly-away hair, but that is a small price to pay. Buy this. I did.

  16. Graham

    I bought this doll because it reminds me of my ex. She died of natural causes and I still miss her. The doll doesn’t look exactly like her, but when I’m with her, I feel like my ex is still with me. It brings me a lot of comfort. Thank you. I am really grateful and really happy with my purchase.

  17. Jake

    This may sound weird but I’ve never actually had sex with my Nika doll. I am a photographer and I specialize in women’s clothes. It can be really hard to find models who will work with me on my schedule though. Sometimes when I am behind for catalog listings, I want to be able to do photos early in the morning or overnight. It’s hard to find models who are willing to do that, and they charge a lot of money. I realized at some point that a doll like the Nika model looked just enough like a real woman that, from certain angles and with certain filters, nobody would be able to tell the difference. I am thinking of shooting a calendar just to prove what can be done with a lifelike, sexy doll like this. Nika is great. If she looks this real to me, I can only assume what she must be like for a guy who wants to use her for what she was built to do.

  18. Garret

    I don’t want to like this doll. It feels great and it looks great, and it’s well made… but I can’t help but think that if I give myself over to this doll, if I let myself love it, I’ll never be fit for a real woman again. That scares me. I feel like I’m giving up and I don’t want to.

  19. Rodney

    This doll is better than I expected. The face is realistic and very pleasant. It draws you in and makes you want to enjoy it. The body is small for people, I guess, but realistically heavy, and I’ve known women who were smaller in real life. She’s got one hell of a butt and I like her chest, too. Overall a very good sex toy.

  20. Lilith

    I am a trans woman who was born a man. I still have male genitalia and I still find women sexually attractive. It is very difficult for people to understand how I could live like a woman but still find women sexually attractive, and it’s very hard to find a woman open-minded enough to want to be with me. I am not some kind of freak. I am a real person with real needs who just wants to be loved, and wants to be close to someone just like anyone else. The Nika doll is probably closest to what I find most attractive in a woman, so I chose her. Sex with her feels good, but most importantly, I can be who I am with her and nobody judges me.

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