Blonde Lisa

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4'7″ / Blonde / Caucasian Asian Mixed / B-Cup

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Blonde Lisa was sculpted to look like the sexy neighbor girl you’ve always been fantasizing about. She looks like a good girl, the kind of girl you can take home to meet the parents… but deep down, she’s a dirty little party girl.

You can use her mouth, you can use her back door, or you can use her vagina. She’s happy to let you have everything you want. She may look innocent, but she’s anything but. This is one smoking hot babe who knows how to give you what you need.

17 reviews for Blonde Lisa

  1. Ollie

    I am so attached to my Lisa that I have even started taking her on long trips with me. I do a lot of travel for work, and that’s one of the reasons I started shopping at When you spend as much time on the road as I do, you don’t have a lot of time to meet someone or to form meaningful relationships. There were times when I really wanted to feel someone close, physically, and I was tired of ending up my road trips with hotel porn. So one day I went shopping for synthetic sex dolls. I didn’t want one of those plush dolls because they aren’t real enough, and everyone would have looked at me like I was ridiculous for having one of those. When I drive down the road with Lisa in the passenger seat, as long as I put some sunglasses on her, nobody knows she’s not real. I’ve even seen guys cruise past me on the highway and check her out. I can’t tell you how comforting I find her company, both on the road and when I’m in my hotel for the night.

  2. Mario

    I bought this on sale and am absolutely blown away by what a deal I got. This doll is easily worth three times what I paid for it! Don’t know how I’d ever pull off a similar deal. Incredible, just incredible. This doll is so sexy and sweet. She is everything I want in a woman. She is full sized, literally the size of a real-life woman, and so far the novelty of having her in my bed, or sitting on my couch, has not worn off. She doesn’t sit up real well by herself, but if I prop her up and take my time with her, and I can put her all around my house. I like the company and I like being with her. I am absolutely obsessed with her now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would buy again.

  3. Nathan

    This thing is just like this sexy little girl I know from work. I think about her when we get it on. It makes it hotter.
    Don’t know how I went so long without buying this. Damn but this girl is sexy. I get off so hard when I’m with her. I love grabbing her rear end and her breasts.

  4. Maximo W.

    Very happy with this sex doll. Fast shipment, great service. There was a minor problem with my order that was because of the shipping company not understanding my address, but I contacted customer service and it was taken care of quickly. I highly recommend these dolls if the rest of them are anything like mine.

  5. Shad D

    This sex doll is nothing short of amazing. I had not seen a synthetic love doll up close, although I had seen some on television and even saw a documentary about men who own love dolls called Guys and Dolls. At the time I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but now that I’ve got my hands on this doll, I really, really like it. If you’re on the fence about buying, you can buy with confidence.

  6. Diana B.

    I am a woman who is in a happy relationship. My boyfriend has always wanted to try a threesome and over the years we have considered involving one of my friends, or even one of his female friends. The problem is that there was always the chance this would create complicated personal problems, so we held off. Finally, he suggested buying a sex doll, and I agreed. Now we get the experience of a threesome without the people problems that come with it. I have to say, watching my boyfriend do the doll, then do me, is every bit as hot as I always pictured having a threesome would be… but I don’t have to be jealous of the doll. Do I? She’s that sexy that sometimes I’m not sure.

  7. Augustus

    I had a very full sex life with myself before and I saw no reason to involve myself with anyone else. When my tax return money came in, though, I got to thinking about how I could invest that money in something I would get many more hours of enjoyment from. The thing I settled on was Lisa. I have had so much pleasure with her. Now I do to the spoils of my government money what the government has always done to me, over and over again, from behind.

  8. Kristoph


  9. Adam Kilgore

    I cannot get over the fact that she is not real. She seems so realistic. Just sitting there she fools me even though I bought her and I put her there. She’s so sweet and hot. This is my little ball of fire. I like to tell my girlfriends I’m into having a threesome and then I bring them home to Lisa. Once in a while they freak out, but the ones who stay are keepers.

  10. Sol

    Every man deserves a woman to call his own. Lisa is that woman for me. Excellent craftsmanship, even though there are a very few rough edges. Not real pleased with the shipping time but overall I have no major complaints. Certainly can’t beat the price on this. I am giving her 4 stars. Well, no, that’s not fair. Maybe I’ll rethink the number.

  11. Kilgrave

    I have always had a fetish for Asian women. I had to reconsider that when I saw this doll. It is very pleasing to me and I love being able to have her whenever I want. The workmanship is good. I feel like I got a good deal for what I paid too. This doll is good no matter what type of woman you like, in fact.

  12. Mattfu

    I like to take pictures of me having sex with Lisa. From certain angles my friends can’t tell that they’re not real. They think I’m the kinkiest bastard on the block and that’s how I like it. I considered returning my doll, but I’m not going to lie. This isn’t exactly what I expected. I thought she would be a little bit bigger and she doesn’t seem quite as real as I had hoped she might. Still, she’s pretty good, and she feels good when I use her. So I take pictures instead.

  13. Alex A.

    I finally have my sexy little princess. Lisa feels every bit as good whether you take her mouth or her vagina or her anus. She is very nicely textured inside and her skin feels good to the touch. She is also big enough and heavy enough that she feels like a real person. I have given her a real workout in my bed and we shook the headboard enough to put a crack in the plaster of the wall. I think the best sex I have ever had in my life is this Lisa doll.

  14. Blaine

    So perfect! 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5! All day long! TLDR: I bought a Lisa doll and I like it. The full version of my story: I have had a love-hate relationship with sex dolls for a long time. I have always enjoyed my sex life alone, because I don’t believe I need the influence of a “real” woman in my life. But as most of us know there is no real substitute for the female body. My earliest sex dolls were inflatable and they were not very good. They were frequently uncomfortable to use, in fact, because they were manufactured so cheaply. This is much better.

  15. Ray

    For years I saved up for an expensive doll, and then I noticed the prices were coming down, so I decided perhaps I didn’t need to go broke buying something for myself. I shopped around for a long time and still wasn’t happy with what I was finding until I found sexdollwarehouse. Now I have the sex doll of my dreams, very realistic, and my biggest problem is simply figuring out where to put her when I’m not using her.

  16. Lyndon

    I have bought two of these. First I bought one and then a few weeks later I bought the other one. My fantasy has always been to be with twins. There are small variations in the dolls but they look enough alike to be twins in real life. Now I have my sexy twins and I can live out my fantasy. The best part is they never complain, they never talk, and they never say no to me. This is the lifestyle for me. People who know me don’t understand why I am so happy but I am very happy with my purchases.

  17. Cary P.

    I hate sleeping alone. Now I never have to sleep alone again. Getting up close to her feels so real. She’s the ultimate teddy bear that you can do filthy things to. My shipping container looked like it was fired out of a cannon, but it got here, and so did the doll inside. Have been having a great time with her ever since she came. So she came, then I came. A lot.

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