Brunette Scarlet

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4'6″ / Brunette / Japanese / C-Cup

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Do you like your brunette girls a little on the trashy side? Well, we understand. There’s something incredibly hot about a trashy girl, and if Brunette Scarlet doesn’t remind you a little bit of a certain famous pop star known for her sexy onstage routines, we would be very surprised. You can take home your very own famous lady with the looks and body to match when you select Brunette Scarlet. Scarlet has a fully usable mouth, vagina, and anus. The hard part will be picking which one you want to use first.

Brunette Scarlet is another entry in our anime-styled line. She’s such a delightfully short little girl. At just 4’9”, she’s petite even for an Asian woman, but she’s still full size. The best part is that we’ve given her incredible double-D breasts. With her brunette hair and her full, curvy, exaggerated figure, she begs to be your little sex slave.

Have you always wanted to be with an anime girl? Well, they don’t get much more intense than Brunette Scarlet. You can have her any way you like her and her curves just never stop. Imagine putting your hands along her round rear end, down along her luxurious thighs, and between her legs. Spread those legs and take her as many times as you like… because as long as you have plenty of silicone-safe lube, you can slick her up and have her all night long.

The texture of Brunette Scarlet’s vaginal opening is designed to simulate real sex as closely as possible. You can also spread her cheeks and pound her tight little anal opening. It’s every bit as good, if not better. The texturing of her mouth is different so you’ll be able to get the full feel of a simulated blowjob. Push yourself to heights of pleasure and do so behind, under, or on top of our sexy Scarlet. She wants it and she needs it. Nail her tonight and cum inside her or on her over and over again.

32 reviews for Brunette Scarlet

  1. Lightsaber

    A girlfriend of mine nicknamed my dick the lightsaber because it was so hot and powerful. She couldn’t handle me, not for the long term. Now I have a girl who can take everything I can give and never complains.

  2. Rupert

    I wish this was easier to clean because I keep getting it really dirty. I think I can say you should buy this doll though. Everything else about it is great.

  3. Denny

    This could be a lot better. Good value for the price but I think I should have spent the much greater amount to get more. I am not going to return this though.

  4. Evan E.

    I bought this as a cheap alternative. I figured I would buy this now, cheaply, so I could have a doll at home to enjoy, and when I had saved up enough, I would upgrade to a more expensive silicone sex doll. What I found out was that I didn’t have to blow thousands of my hard earned dollars upgrading. The Scarlet doll I bought was so great just at the price here that I never felt any need to buy anything else. Scarlet changed my life because she saved me a ton of money and also is awesome to make love to. I am never lonely now.

  5. Bryce

    Very good! Love the mouth and pussy most of all, but the anal opening works too.

  6. Hadrian

    I like to put Scarlet on the floor and plunge myself into and out of her mouth. I have always liked “making tea” and now I can do it as much as I want. Bravo.

  7. Christian Thomas

    Just like the description says, I like trashy girls. The nastier and dirtier they are, the happier I am. The problem with dirty, nasty girls is that you always have to worry that you’re going to catch something from them. I had a choice ahead of me: I could give up on what I really wanted, or I could risk my health pursuing the fantasies that really run my motor. That’s when I found Scarlet and She’s trashy, but she’s only for me, and I never have to worry that she’ll cheat on me. I can be as dirty with Scarlet as I want to be. Buy this doll. You won’t be sorry.

  8. Ricky R.

    I was told my doll had a rare manufacturing defect. The company dealt with my complaint quickly and issued me a replacement. I cannot complain about the replacement but I feel like this problem should not have happened. Still, the doll that was sent to me feels great and looks great.

  9. Harry

    This is an excellent love doll for the price I paid.

  10. Mikey

    I docked this review a star because it seemed like the shipping took forever. I had a hard time waiting for my girl to get here, but once she did, I couldn’t take my hands off her.

  11. MaxyPowers14

    I’m really glad I got this. It feels good. It looks good. It takes a pounding and holds together. I’ve had it a month now and it looks as good now as it did then. Only complaint I have is that it is hard to keep the acrylic hair from getting snarled up. You’ve got to brush it just like a real woman and you’ll still get some fly-away hair, but that is a small price to pay. Buy this. I did.

  12. johnny ro

    Sex with Blonde Scarlet is the best sex of my life. There, I have said it. I am not exactly a blushing virgin. I’ve had women before. Some of them were good and some of them weren’t. Some of them thought I was good in bed, and some of them didn’t. But the first time I got down with Blonde Scarlet I realized I would never need to go looking to date a “real” woman ever again.

  13. Ice

    My rating reflects realistic expectations for a doll at this price. You’re not buying a many thousands of dollars Real Doll when you buy this. You’re paying a budget price for a budget product, but it looks and feels like a woman and will turn you on, I promise.

  14. Ron R.

    This was just like it was described. It’s not the top of the line but it is a superb value-conscious love doll.

  15. CowboyAndrew991

    My sexdollwarehouse Scarlett saved my sex life. Let me explain. I had been having some problems with a medication I was taking. Suddenly it was hard to get my little soldier to stand at attention, you know? I was getting really worried. My girlfriend was completely unsupportive and every time we tried to do it and things didn’t work, she would get angry. She left me, finally, for somebody with fewer issues. I was determined to solve the problem, though, so I bought Scarlett because she turned me on. I got hard looking at her web page, in fact, and I took that as a good sign. So when I bought her I brought her home and found her to be everything her description said she was and more. I was really pleased with what a bargain she is. You can’t get quality like this for this price, I don’t think, although I’m not sure I’m much of an expert on love dolls. Anyway, I used Scarlett to practice having sex. Pretty soon I got to the point where I got my confidence back. I knew that if I was with someone who turned me on, I would be able to get it up. Now I have a “real” girlfriend who is grateful to Scarlett for saving my sex life. She has sat in the closet since my girlfriend and I started coming over, but I know she is waiting for me if things don’t work out.

  16. Wildman

    Shipped surprisingly quickly after ordering. Not just like the real thing, but close enough for me.

  17. Johnson

    Sweet little Scarlet. She’s my girlfriend forever now. She’s cheap and she’s worth every penny. I love giving it to her.

  18. Dallas

    The hairpiece is kind of a nightmare, but I’ve had girlfriends with hair just as wild. A good value that has pretty good weight and therefore feels very real when you move it around.

  19. Donatello

    I wish this doll had better neck support. Her head tends to kind of lol around there. But that’s not a big problem because she spends all her time on her back.

  20. Howard

    Nice tits. Nice ass. Could be firmer, but overall feels great.



  22. Hal S.


  23. Glenn

    The holes all need to be a little smaller. I am not a huge guy but you would think they would be a little tighter. But still they feel good so I can’t really complain.

  24. Raphael

    Want a tip? Find something to store this girl in, even if you have to fold her up and put her in a trunk when you are not using her. You absolutely don’t want someone to see that you have what looks like a dead or sleeping girl lying around your apartment.

  25. Jimmy

    I don’t know if I like the vagina on this all that much, but I have fallen in love with the anal opening. I guess I’m a backdoor man now.

  26. Shane

    This is really not bad at all. Not quite what I expected, but perfect for what it is.

  27. Lilith

    I am a trans woman who was born a man. I still have male genitalia and I still find women sexually attractive. It is very difficult for people to understand how I could live like a woman but still find women sexually attractive, and it’s very hard to find a woman open-minded enough to want to be with me. I am not some kind of freak. I am a real person with real needs who just wants to be loved, and wants to be close to someone just like anyone else. Blonde Scarlet doll is probably closest to what I find most attractive in a woman, so I chose her. Sex with her feels good, but most importantly, I can be who I am with her and nobody judges me.

  28. The Woodsman

    My titanic libido has always gotten me into trouble. Most women simply cannot keep up with me. With Scarlet, though, I get the accepting, mind-blowing sex I have always wanted, whenever and however I like. This is a dream come true.

  29. Gerald F.

    This thing was shockingly good. I went into this purchase with no real expectations. I had the money and wanted to see what I would get for it. Was I gambling my money? It was time to find out. It’s really surprisingly good. Buy it with confidence.

  30. Warner

    My doll gets dirty and I have a hard time cleaning it when it does. Once it is clean, though, she is my dream girl. She is sexy and perfect and wonderfully curved, and she makes me feel really good when we make love.

  31. Cameron1239

    Really good quality. Sexy face, sexy hair. Dressing her up in different outfits as fun. I love her.

  32. Barry

    I like to play pretend with my gorgeous little Scarlet. She is my fetish and role-play queen. Highly recommended.

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