Brunette Nicole

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4'6″ / Brunette / Caucasian / C-Cup

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Have you always dreamed of dating a petite girl? Well, Nicole is one of our sexiest models. She’s got long legs that go on for days and she’s got a great rack, a taut stomach, and a beautifully round rear end to go with them. You have never been with a statuesque beauty as sexy as Nicole, and now you can take her home and be with her any time you like. She has vaginal, anal, and oral openings, and all of them are open for business with you.

Specifically, Nicole’s textured vaginal opening is designed to be used with plenty of silicone-safe lubricant. It perfectly simulates sex when you slide inside. Do you want it a little tighter and a little dirtier? Then use her tight, textured anal opening for your pleasure. Her mouth is also textured in a slightly different way, and with a little lube you can get the perfect simulated blowjob as you thrust inside her face.

Nicole is 5’1” with Japanese features, making her a petite, sexy goddess. She has lovely C-cup breasts, too, which are the perfect handful. Do you want to put your hands all over her and take her sweet, tight little body? Take Nicole and pump her all night.

21 reviews for Brunette Nicole

  1. A. Wesker

    Not the ultimate, but I have never felt sexual experiences quite like this before. Truly interesting. I feel like something inside me is blossoming and developing since I first took her into my bed. A very high quality woman. Very good looking. Very sensual and pleasing to the touch and to the feel of my manhood.

  2. Orson

    I was drawn to Nicole because of her hair and her tight, petite little body. She looks just like those young girls you see on television and on reality shows these days. She was everything I wanted in a girl, and while I’m not some kind of weirdo, I do like them nice and young, from say nineteen to twenty one. Nicole really looked like that kind of girl to me, so I was eager to get her home. When I opened the box I was absolutely thrilled. There she was, looking just like I pictured her. She felt just like the real thing and she’s really nicely built. Sexdollwarehouse has made a loyal customer out of me.


    I am a lesbian and I like women. I wanted to have a lifelike woman to share my bed with me. I bought this beautiful doll to do that. She keeps me company at night. 12 out of 10 absolute best.

  4. Hoser Eh

    I like to just put her on her back and let it all hang out. We go for hours and she never complains. She’s the perfect woman.

  5. Shel V

    This is an excellent, high-quality doll that shipped to me quickly and was packed nicely. The packaging was discreet, which was important to me. The doll performs as it is supposed to and I find it very pleasurable. I will probably buy another one of these if I manage to wear this one out.

  6. Theodore

    Pros: She’s tight and feels good. She also looks great. Cons: She’s heavy and awkward to move around. If you want a discreet, portable sex toy, this isn’t it. If you don’t mind that she takes up as much space as a person, though, you’re good to go.

  7. Alvin

    I thought this would look and feel just like a real woman. It’s close but it’s not as close as I had hoped it would be. I am not entirely sold yet. We’ll see in time.


    Am just not feeling it.

  9. WestSideLyf298

    Get rid of the pink hair and ill rate her a 5 out of 5. I guess i can get another wig, but damn you ruined a hot azz girls with stoopid pink azz hair.

  10. Davey

    I don’t expect a sex doll to be perfect, especially when I buy it on sale. This one was pretty good though.

  11. Fidel

    Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wished tonight. I wished for the sexiest girl in the world, all to myself, all my own… and I got her, at a great price too. Merry Christmas to me.

  12. Chad B4

    This is the perfect little hot-bodied honey! I love to touch her and stroke her and hold her close. She looks at me and I just want to push her down and have her. And the best part is I can!

  13. Freddy

    Great product, great seller, A+ on shipping and quality. Got a great bargain when a buddy introduced me to sexdollwarehouse. Buy it, you will like it.

  14. Cruiser

    As I write this I’ve just had sex with Nicole for the first time. It was not the best sex of my life, but it was absolutely incredible anyway. This was just what is advertised: actual sex. No woman required!

  15. DANThEMAN187386

    My wife and I have been together for almost 20 years and frankly, the sex was getting boring. I wanted to spice things up so I asked her if maybe we couldn’t introduce a little no-strings-attached threesome action into our marriage. She looked like she wanted to murder me until I flipped the laptop around and showed her what I had in mind. We’ve always had a lot of sex toys around the house so I think when she thought about it in those terms, she was intrigued. I mean, we’ve gotten wild before. We have a sex swing and other stuff like that. But adding another person was just the injection of fun and excitement we needed. The best part is, nobody can say it’s cheating, and neither of us have to worry about our egos. We bought the Pink Nicole model because my wife thought she looked sexiest of all the others, and I would have to agree.

  16. Skip

    I searched for a while before committing my funds to buying a love doll. I had my choices narrowed down to three different websites. Their websites were similar, and the dolls LOOKED similar, but there is always the possibility that what is advertised isn’t what you get. When I finally took the plunge I went with because I just liked how the site was presented. Their prices were lowest too, but that wouldn’t mean a lot of I didn’t get my doll, or it was cheap junk. Instead it was exactly as it was described. A great company that makes and sells a great product.

  17. Trenton

    Feels so soft, so lifelike, so incredible. I could spend all night inside her.

  18. Eric E

    So many of the reviews on this site say basically that these are great dolls. Well, they are great dolls. They’re great because they compare really favorably to the more expensive options out there. It’s really all about cost, isn’t it? When you come right down to it you could be pleasuring yourself into your hand, but you buy a doll like this because you want to feel like you’re with someone, like you’re not alone. I bought one of these because I liked the idea of a pink haired modern girl, somebody on the wild side, and I figured all the dolls would be more or less the same. She is great and the best part is, she was a lot cheaper than the other dolls out there that are supposed to be better. She’s just as good as any of those. The best part is you can buy one of these and still have money left over, instead of being in debt for years just paying off the thing.

  19. Squiggy

    Could be better, but it gets the job done.

  20. Goliath

    Feels really realistic once you’re inside her. Outside not as much.

  21. A. Wesker

    I am a happily married man. My wife wanted to keep things fun and exciting though, so she bought me this lovely little number. It’s like we’ve got a sexy swinging college student in my bed. She’s done a lot to make our sex life more interesting. Very good purchase and one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

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