Blonde Trisha

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4'7″ / Blonde / Caucasian / E-Cup

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Sexy blonde Trisha is definitely built for oral pleasures. She loves it when you use her mouth. She is all sexy curves and bombshell measurements, and she’s always ready for a good time.

This is a Barbie-doll good-time girl with a little something extra, in that unlike those famous dolls, Blonde Trisha is entirely anatomically correct. She has an anal opening, a vaginal opening, and a mouth you can enjoy all day long. Pick her up today and start enjoying her tonight.

16 reviews for Blonde Trisha

  1. slywalker38

    I love blondes and I love big tits. What can I say? This is the closest SD to what I’ve been looking for and couldn’t be happier. I bought one 5 years ago for double this price on a different site, so not sure if the prices are coming down or this website is kick ass with their prices.

  2. Eric G.

    10/10 around the board. Best tits, ass, pussy, face etc etc etc. I use my Trisha sex doll almost every night. I live by myself and dont really have time to go out often so when I get home from work it’s the easiest way to get off with something thats as close to the real thing as possible. I’m glad I got this before the prices start going up. I heard with everything going on in China right now prices might go up. Who knows. Dont want to get politcal but just saying. It was a great investment!

  3. billytheha

    Not the best not the worst. This was the only doll they had in stock when I ordered and now I see they have more which I wish I woud have waited because I am into smaller breasts and not really into blondes so much. Putting my personal preferences aside, the quality of this doll is truly amazing. Technology has come a long way. I guess it is 2020 after all lol

  4. Petey K

    When my girlfriend broke up with me I looked back on the string of bad relationships in my past and decided I had had enough. I ended up buying a sex doll because I was lonely. Now I never have to deal with a real woman again and I could not be happier. Thanks, I am disappointed that this doll is not poseable, though. I want to be able to put her in different positions and she just lays there.

  5. David

    Fast shipping and a high quality product. The doll is very sexy. Looking forward to lots of long nights with her… I wish this was easier to clean because I keep getting it really dirty. I think I can say you should buy this doll though. Everything else about it is great. This was just like it was described. It’s not the top of the line but it is a superb value-conscious love doll.

  6. Nate

    Without doubt, the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. I feel like I could get off just as quickly with a fifty dollar blow up doll. Yeah, this thing is nicely made, and yeah, it is probably really worth what you pay for it, but I feel like I could do sex a lot more cheaply with myself.

  7. mrjones_JJ

    not going to lie….its kind of weird writing a review about a product like this but the only reason Im doing it is because I didnt think this shi*t was as real as it is when I first started going down the Google rabbit hole searching for sex dolls, but I got to say this thing is abso f*ng lutely amazing in every possible way. I cant believe they sell a big tit blonde babe, its like my go to girl 100% of the time. Unfortunately I dont always get what I want, until now. The biggest downside is the weight. Its not like she weighs as much as a real girl, but dragging her from my closet to the bed each time isnt like throwing some pillows on the bed. In the end its worth it because shes a lot easier than and other chick in real life

  8. Andy

    This sexy doll is almost perfect. There are a few little fit and finish things that I think could be improved, which is preventing me from rating her a 5 star, but overall, she’s an incredibly high quality doll for you are paying. I would consider buying other dolls from this same manufacturer’s line without hesitation.

  9. Bob offers the best value I’ve seen in a sex doll yet. My rating reflects realistic expectations for a doll at this price. You’re not buying a many thousands of dollars Real Doll when you buy this. You’re paying a budget price for a budget product, but it looks and feels like a woman and will turn you on, I promise.

  10. Lenny

    This girl is my new special friend. We are inseparable now. The moment I got her home I knew I was never going to let her go. This is the best doll ever and a very good use of my money. I really got my money’s worth. She’s my girlfriend forever now. She’s cheap and she’s worth every penny. I love giving it to her.

  11. Chris

    Couldn’t be happier! Five stars. Very good! Love the mouth and pussy most of all, but the anal opening works too. Nice tits. Nice ass. Could be firmer, but overall feels great. The hairpiece is kind of a nightmare, but I’ve had girlfriends with hair just as wild. A good value that has pretty good weight and therefore feels very real when you move it around.



  13. Orin

    A++ seller, A++ shipping, A++ doll. This thing was shockingly good. I went into this purchase with no real expectations. I had the money and wanted to see what I would get for it. Was I gambling my money? It was time to find out. It’s really surprisingly good. Buy it with confidence. I like to play pretend with my gorgeous little girl. She is my fetish and role-play queen. Highly recommended.

  14. Blaster

    Can’t ask for a better doll than this, especially at the price. Very lifelike and very sexy, with all the curves you could ever want and all the usable holes, too. My new favorite toy. This is an excellent love doll for the price I paid. I don’t know if I like the vagina on this all that much, but I have fallen in love with the anal opening. I guess I’m a backdoor man now.

  15. Alan

    I am very happy with the quality of this doll. Very nice in and out. My doll gets dirty and I have a hard time cleaning it when it does. Once it is clean, though, she is my dream girl. She is sexy and perfect and wonderfully curved, and she makes me feel really good when we make love.

  16. Federick G

    This could be a lot better. Good value for the price but I think I should have spent the much greater amount to get more. I am not going to return this though. Packaging could have been a little better. Box was broken open during shipment, but nothing that caused a problem. The doll arrived safely at my door and is now snug in my bed. Sexy as hell.

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