Brunette Kendra

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4'6″ / Brunette / Japanese / C-Cup


Brunette Kendra is not only one of our top-selling models, but she’s also what you would call our deluxe babe. All of our sex dolls are of high quality, but Brunette Kendra is a cut above the rest. Everything about our other dolls that is great is extra great when it comes to Brunette Kendra. Every curve of her has been inspected for absolutely the best quality. She will turn you on just by being in the room with you. She has a mouth, a vagina, and an anus waiting to be explored. Don’t wait any longer. Add her to your harem of love dolls and start enjoying her tonight.

Brunette Kendra is also one of the most realistically sculpted dolls in our product line. Every inch of her five foot frame is superbly crafted to simulate perfectly the hottest little number you’ve ever seen. She’s got Japanese features, but they’re not exaggerated. They’re just subtle enough to be noticeable but not overpowering, making her seem exotic and mysterious while making her sexy as hell.

Kendra has C-cup breasts which beg to be held, fondled, and enjoyed. Her perfect figure is so alluring that you won’t be able to resist dressing her up in lingerie just so you can undress her again. Slide some nice nylons up her legs and then peel them off again. She just wants to be held, made love to, and sexed up… and you can do just that when you have some silicone-safe lube.

Her inviting anal opening is tight and textured for your pleasure. Her vaginal opening is a little looser and also textured to get you off, while her textured mouth opening is fully usable for simulated oral action. Every night is better with Kendra in your bed. Now you can put her there and keep her there. She’s incredible and she’s all yours.

20 reviews for Brunette Kendra

  1. Pierre

    My doll is sexy and beautiful… but she doesn’t look as much like the picture as I thought she would. Customer service told me I ordered the wrong model compared to what I thought I was ordering. I’m not sure.

  2. Burton

    I like to stroke the feet of my brunette Kendra doll. She is very sensual and she always says yes to all my fetishes.

  3. Vernon

    Bought this sexy doll but then the site did a sale. Wish I had known to wait. If you catch one of these on sale, definitely buy it right away.

  4. Ellsworth

    Every guy wants a girl all his own. I have this one now, but she just lies there. I am starting to think I will never have another person in my life, so I have the doll. I love her but sometimes I wonder if it’s enough.

  5. Julian

    I don’t use this as much as I thought I would. I had a great orgasm with it but it’s a lot of trouble to get it out of storage and then hide it again.

  6. Casey

    So my wife found the charge on my credit card and didn’t know what it was. It didn’t say sex doll or anything but she saw the amount and asked me did I buy like a television or a video game system or something? Like a fool I admit to her that I bought a sex doll. She doesn’t understand and now I have guess I’m going to have to sleep with the doll in the garage. Thanks a lot guys.

  7. Cris

    Well, it is what it is. I pulled the trigger and bought a sex doll finally. Am I proud of it? No comment. Am I much happier. Absolutely. Buy one for yourself. What the fk are you waiting for?

  8. Nick

    I have always wanted to star in adult movies. My Kendra is my adult movie star. I put up my camera, turn it on, and then I film us having sex. Later, I look at the videos and it gets me hard all over again. I really enjoy filming with my costar!

  9. Elwood

    My Kendra looks just as sexy as in her photos! Very satisfied.

  10. Erick

    Tried to introduce Kendra to my girlfriend. She couldn’t deal with it. Kendra is sexy and my girlfriend was sexy. Why couldn’t they get along?

  11. Tim F.

    I bought a Brunette Addison and a Brunette Kendra because I have always wanted to be with two women at the same time. I set them up on either side of my bed and now when I go to sleep at night I have both these lovely ladies beside me. I feel like a king. I know they’re not real, but they sure feel real, and when I have fun with them it feels just like the real thing. With great dolls like this in my life I may never go back to real women. I love Addison and Kendra very much. I posted this same review on Addison’s page because I want people to know how much I like these dolls.

  12. Lyle

    I am disappointed that this doll is not poseable. I want to be able to put her in different positions and she just lays there.

  13. Charlie23

    I like high quality, but I am living on a fixed income. I wanted the best sex doll I could get. The Kendra model is the top of the line according to the website and I wanted the best I could get for what I could afford. That is why I bought Kendra. I was not disappointed. She looks and feels like a real woman. Her seams and joints and everything are all good. She feels and looks real to me. I have been very happy with being able to use any part of her that I want too, in any order I want. Kendra is a dream come true. I am giving 3 and not 5 stars because it was 2 days later than expected on delivery time..but everythign else is goood

  14. Richard1987

    I want to start by saying there are a few good things about this kendra doll like her face gets me off bc its japanese exactly like the pics and her vag feels so nice, but her tits could be a little more firm like fake tits shuld b and her ass culd be a little bigger. Other than that Im prety pleased.

  15. Valentine

    My girlfriend has a vibrator she really likes. I told her it would be only fair if I had a part-time girlfriend for myself. So she said sure, when she’s not home I can use the sex doll. It was a good purchase but it was quite a bit of money. Maybe I will feel different if we break up.

  16. josiah b

    This may sound weird but I’ve never actually had sex with my Kendra doll. I am a photographer and I specialize in women’s clothes. It can be really hard to find models who will work with me on my schedule though. Sometimes when I am behind for catalog listings, I want to be able to do photos early in the morning or overnight. It’s hard to find models who are willing to do that, and they charge a lot of money. I realized at some point that a doll like the Kendra model looked just enough like a real woman that, from certain angles and with certain filters, nobody would be able to tell the difference. I am thinking of shooting a calendar just to prove what can be done with a lifelike, sexy doll like this. Kendra is great. If she looks this real to me, I can only assume what she must be like for a guy who wants to use her for what she was built to do.

  17. PISSED

    5 feet tall is that a joke? Yea it says it here on the site hwo tall she is but come on do u reely think everyone reads all these details? Whats the point of selling such a short doll? Let me guess…bc shes Asian shes supposed to be short? I want a real tall woman not sum short dumbo. This sucks. At least her pussy feels f******ng amazng. But thats as far as good as Ill say here. I will give this site one more chance and obviously I will look at the height of the sex doll before i buy but I still feel like it was a waste to sell such a short doll. I do like Japanese women and her face definitly looks Japanese, so i guess thats another good plus about it, but i just cant get over the height. Come on please fix this!

  18. Dorian

    I love dressing up my Kendra in different wigs and costumes. I can do things with her I could never do with another girl. That makes her tops in my book.

  19. Shawn S

    Kendra is the sexiest doll on the site, hands down. There are so many great dolls here. I finally decided after a lot of debating with myself that I would risk the money and buy. Now I wish I had bought sooner. The service was good and the shipping was good too. Packaging could have been a little better, probably, but she still arrived in perfect shape and I think part of the problem was the package handling company roughed up the box a little. She came during the holidays so that probably had something to do with it. That’s a small point though. I am very happy with the product.

  20. Ben

    People seem to have very unrealistic expectations of a sex doll that is this inexpensive. You aren’t going to find a better personal love appliance at this low cost when you compare to Kendra.

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